Tuesday, 5 October 2010


My morning routine generally consists of  making tea and then logging on to Google Reader to see what new blog posts there are.

I am a parasite. All I do is consume; I don't add anything (largely because I believe I have nothing to add). I mentioned this to a friend, who responded with this quote: “Social media tools aren’t a spectator sport they are a contact sport.”

I have nothing to contribute at the moment, but I assume that as you clicked that link you are curious. This is my point of reference, my footprint, in cyberspace.

My academic interest is essentially war. 

More particularly, the areas of counterinsurgency, peacekeeping and the bridge between the two; conflict, security and development. I am presently studying a Masters in CSD as part of the renowned War Studies department at King's College London.

Oh yeah, and Twitter. Though I don't say much, of course. 

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